E035: 2024 Marketing Predictions, December Sales Check, Marketing Mix, US Economy & More
OPERATORSDecember 20, 2023x
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E035: 2024 Marketing Predictions, December Sales Check, Marketing Mix, US Economy & More

December Pulse Check Peak Gift Giving Period Measurement of ROAS & MER Marketing Spend and Meta Ads Cost Caps Media Mix and Advertising Platforms Google vs. Facebook Advertising Different Advertising Strategies for Different Businesses The Role of Demand Generation and Search Factors Influencing Success on Facebook and Google The Importance of Intent Capture and Creation The Dominance of Meta (Facebook) in Advertising The Influence of Facebook Ad Dollars on E-commerce The Future of Measurable Word of Mouth Using Transaction Data for Word of Mouth Analysis The Complexity of Facebook's Ad Auction Software The Advancement of AI and Compute Power The Challenges of Measuring and Leveraging Word of Mouth Discussion of Marketing Predictions for 2024 Impact of Interest Rates on Housing Market Housing Market and Potential Financial Crash AI Taking Over Advertising Growth of Meta Shops and others Amazon's Role in the Fight Against Competitors Should Amazon Acquire TikTok? Wrap-up and Announcement of Future Episode on Inventory and Demand Planning Operators Exclusive Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/9operators/s... Operators Job Board: https://operators.niceboard.co In the world of eCommerce, a legendary WhatsApp group is rumored to hold the secrets to unimaginable success. The catch? You must have nine figures in revenue to gain entry. The world's biggest brands have denied its existence for years, until now. Four titans known as "Operators" are leaking the secret contents in an effort to share their wealth of knowledge with people like you. Powered By: Fulfil.io. https://bit.ly/3pAp2vu The Only Cloud ERP Designed to Efficiently Scale 8 and 9-Figure Brands. Northbeam. https://www.northbeam.io/ Sendlane. https://learn.sendlane.com/operators Visit Our Website: https://www.9operators.com/ Follow us on Twitter: Sean (Host) / seanecom Jason (Host) / jasonpanzer Matt (Host) / mbertulli Mike (Host) / mikebeckhamsm Finn (Producer) / finn_radford Northbeam (Partner) / northbeam Fulfil.io (Partner) / fulfilio Sendlane (Partner) / sendlane We Rise Together.

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