E037: 2024 Planning, How Ridge Launched Watches, Move Back To Bootstrapping, CEOs Just Write & More
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E037: 2024 Planning, How Ridge Launched Watches, Move Back To Bootstrapping, CEOs Just Write & More

00:00 Introduction and New Year's Celebration 01:29 Annual Planning and Quarterly Execution 03:17 Purpose and Use of Reporting

08:36 The Role of CEOs in Reporting 10:58 Expectations for 2024 in the DTC Industry 19:31 The Nature of Human Behaviour and Risk 24:47 Review of E-commerce Performance in 2023 29:23 Expanding Target Audience and Design 35:14 Targeting Niche Audiences 38:44 New Stuff, New Places, New People 41:10 Generating Demand and Acquiring New Customers 42:49 Conversion Rate for New Categories 44:13 Building a Product Line for Acquisition 47:05 Short-Term vs Long-Term Thinking 50:34 Launching Watches and Product Iteration 52:08 Expanding Global Presence 53:29 Stop Focusing on Exits and Run Your Business 55:10 Returning to Bootstrapping Principles 57:23 Reevaluating the Company's Direction 58:03 Excitement for the Year AheadOperators Exclusive


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