E038: The Inventory Deep Dive.
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E038: The Inventory Deep Dive.

00:00 Introduction and Importance of Inventory Management 01:24 The Complexity of Inventory Management 03:20 Factors Affecting Inventory Risk 05:27 Time-Based and Seasonal Inventory Risks 07:23 Product Market Fit and Specificness as Inventory Risks 09:15 The Financial Engineering Aspect of Inventory 10:04 The Impact of Inventory on Lending and Credit 13:15 The Importance of Managing Downside in Inventory 15:32 The Risks of Overstocking and Understocking 19:09 The Impact of Macro Factors on Inventory 21:25 The Ideal Size and Growth of a Business 23:52 The Importance of Operating Paranoid and Planning for Risk 27:26 Considering the Competitive Landscape in Inventory Management 32:51 The Risks of High Growth and the Ideal Size for a Business 37:08 The Impact of Category Risk on Inventory 40:32 The Role of Domestic Manufacturing in Resilience and Growth 42:17 The Importance of Brand and Speed 43:11 The Advantage of Customizable Products and Agility 44:12 Taking Shots on Goal and the Role of Domestic Manufacturing 45:16 The Impact of Speed and Global Logistics 46:14 Scaling Up with Domestic Manufacturing 47:13 The Challenge of Inventory Management 48:44 Cutting Inventory and Making Decisions 50:07 Expanding Manufacturing into New Markets 51:33 The Structural Advantage of Established Businesses 52:57 Recycling and Upcycling Inventory 56:03 The Reality of Destroy and Field 58:07 Being Analytical and Unemotional about Inventory 01:02:15 Intentionality, Preparation, and Consistency Operators Exclusive Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/9operators/shared_invite/zt-20pd2eq4n-UVM6oTQkdltEwLINwkCWIA

Operators Job Board: https://operators.niceboard.co In the world of eCommerce, a legendary WhatsApp group is rumored to hold the secrets to unimaginable success. The catch? You must have nine figures in revenue to gain entry. The world's biggest brands have denied its existence for years, until now. Four titans known as "Operators" are leaking the secret contents in an effort to share their wealth of knowledge with people like you. Powered By: Fulfil.io. https://bit.ly/3pAp2vu The Only Cloud ERP Designed to Efficiently Scale 8 and 9-Figure Brands. Northbeam. https://www.northbeam.io/ Sendlane. https://learn.sendlane.com/operators Visit Our Website: https://www.9operators.com/ Summary This episode discusses the importance of inventory management and the risks associated with it. The conversation covers various factors that affect inventory risk, including time-based risks, seasonal risks, and product market fit. The financial engineering aspect of inventory is also explored, highlighting the impact of inventory on lending and credit. The discussion emphasizes the need to manage downside in inventory and the risks of overstocking and understocking. The impact of macro factors on inventory and the ideal size and growth of a business are also discussed. The episode concludes with a focus on the role of domestic manufacturing in resilience and growth. In this episode, Mike Beckham and Matt Bertulli discuss the importance of brand and speed in driving excess returns. They explore the advantage of customizable products and agility in the market. They also delve into the role of domestic manufacturing in taking more shots on goal and scaling up with successful products. The conversation highlights the challenges of inventory management and the need to make decisions when inventory becomes heavy. They also touch on the potential for expanding manufacturing into new markets and the benefits of recycling and upcycling inventory. The episode concludes with a focus on the importance of being analytical and unemotional about inventory and the need for intentionality, preparation, and consistency in business operations.

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