E041: Competitors, Avoiding Imitation, Red Ocean Strategy, Timing Expansion, Hero Products & More
OPERATORSJanuary 31, 2024x
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E041: Competitors, Avoiding Imitation, Red Ocean Strategy, Timing Expansion, Hero Products & More

Episode 41


The Operators discuss the topic of competition and how entrepreneurs think about their competitors. They explore the importance of understanding the competitive landscape and share their thoughts on spending time and energy on competitors. The conversation also touches on the concept of red ocean industries and the benefits of being in a growing category. The Operators emphasize the need to focus on running your own race and the dangers of imitating competitors without understanding their context. They also discuss the timing of expanding into new markets and the challenges of measuring success. The episode concludes with insights on learning from aspirational competitors and the importance of taking big swings in business.


00:56 Thinking About Competition

07:51 Competition in Red Ocean Industries

09:24 Learning from Competitors

11:41 Competing in Growing Categories

15:49 Share of Wallet and Running Your Own Race

20:14 Avoiding the Trap of Imitation

23:46 Understanding Competitors' Strategies

28:31 Competitors as a Tailwind

32:20 Disruptive Growth and Timing

36:50 Expanding into New Markets

38:43 Specialization and Omni-Channel Approach

43:11 The Challenge of Measuring Success

45:41 The Importance of Product Innovation

49:35 The Combination of Competitive Advantages

54:05 Learning from Aspirational Competitors

56:36 Paid Ads and Focusing on A-Plus Projects

59:02 Avoiding Busyness and Taking Big Swings

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In the world of eCommerce, a legendary WhatsApp group is rumored to hold the secrets to unimaginable success. The catch? You must have nine figures in revenue to gain entry. The world's biggest brands have denied its existence for years, until now. Four titans known as "Operators" are leaking the secret contents in an effort to share their wealth of knowledge with people like you.

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