E043: Shopify's price increase, Tapestry's earnings, TikTok as a marketing platform & more
OPERATORSFebruary 14, 2024x
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E043: Shopify's price increase, Tapestry's earnings, TikTok as a marketing platform & more

00:00 Introduction and Random Conversations

06:00 Review of Tapestry's Earnings

20:16 Discussion on Amer Sports IPO

28:17 Analysis of Shopify's Price Increase

42:16 Exploring TikTok as a Marketing Platform

46:34 Sean's Bearish View on TikTok

48:29 Overspending on Amazon Advertising

53:24 Evaluation of TikTok

57:13 Assessing TikTok's Audience Trust

59:07 Complexity and Uncertainty in Geopolitics

01:04:43 Handling the Unknown in Business

01:05:38 Geopolitical Considerations


In this episode, the Operators discuss various topics including Tapestry's earnings, the Amer Sports IPO, Shopify's price increase, and the effectiveness of TikTok as a marketing platform. They analyze the financial performance and growth potential of Tapestry, a well-run business in the accessories industry. The Operators also share their thoughts on Amer Sports' house of brands and the challenges of being an outdoor brand in a recession. They debate the impact of Shopify's price increase on businesses and the value it provides compared to other platforms. Finally, they discuss the view-through nature of TikTok and its potential as a search engine. The conversation covers topics such as overspending on Amazon advertising, the evaluation of TikTok as an advertising platform, assessing audience trust on TikTok, the complexity and uncertainty in geopolitics, and handling the unknown in business.

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