E048: Roman Khan: Buying and Growing DTC Companies
OPERATORSMarch 20, 2024x
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E048: Roman Khan: Buying and Growing DTC Companies

00:00 Introduction and Background to Roman

06:05 Roman's Journey and Current Ventures

10:14 Lessons from Rocket Internet

13:29 Communication Platforms and Future Plans

24:32 The Importance of Supply Chain Management

31:02 Building Strong Relationships with Suppliers

32:21 Using Factories as Financing Partners

32:55 Negative Cash Conversion Cycles and Negotiation

35:14 Building Transparent and Trusting Relationships with Suppliers

38:38 The Success of Multi-Brand Models

41:28 Investing in Kanpai Foods

44:37 Finding Success in Focusing on a Superpower

49:10 Preparing for the Future Beyond Meta

52:00 Living and Doing Business in Hong Kong

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