The Ridge X Marques Brownlee Partnership: A Deep Dive
OPERATORSFebruary 28, 2024x
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The Ridge X Marques Brownlee Partnership: A Deep Dive

In this episode, the Operators discuss Ridge's recent announcement that they've partnered with Marques Brownlee, the number one tech YouTuber. The decision to bring in Marques as an investor, advisor, and board member is driven by the belief that creator-led brands are the future. Sean explains that the skills that made Ridge successful in the past, such as digital marketing, are no longer as relevant due to changes in the digital advertising landscape. The partnership with Marques aims to leverage his expertise in content creation and storytelling to elevate Ridge's brand.

01:11 Ridge's Partnership with Marques

05:46 The Importance of Standing Out

08:32 Impact on Marques' Relationships with Competitors

10:27 The Decision to Bring in an Equity Partner

11:38 Considering the Future of Creator-led Brands

15:37 The Marriage of Creators and Successful Brands

22:26 Involvement of Creators in Product Development

23:29 Learning from Hexclad's Partnership with Gordon Ramsay

24:16 Inspiration and Goals for Ridge

24:57 Choosing Influencers: Reach vs. Brand Alignment

27:04 Being Patient and Making the Right Move

28:27 Finding a Person with a Track Record of Relevance

29:09 Tiered Approach to Brand Partnerships

30:37 The Value of Organic Content and Authentic Partnerships

33:06 Building Relationships with Influencers

36:32 The Future of Organic Content for Brands

37:08 Product Roadmap and Influencer Partnerships

38:13 The Power Law of Organic Content

39:01 The Importance of Getting Good at Organic Social

40:21 Expanding into Different Communities and Markets

41:36 Summary and Appreciation

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