E040: Merchandising Deep Dive
OPERATORSJanuary 24, 202401:01:5456.68 MB

E040: Merchandising Deep Dive

00:00 Enhancing customer experience through digital merchandising planning.

10:44 Seasonal merchandise crucial for successful wholesale strategy.

12:55 Research shows too many options can overwhelm.

20:32 Omnichannel complexities and retail trade-offs.

25:38 Exclusive SMU unit requires strategy.

29:50 Business adaptability leads to changes and growth.

38:15 Align products with brand message for success.

44:08 Merchandizing and brand building define company values.

46:29 Capitalizing on chance, seizing marketing opportunities.

51:11 Improving drop strategy based on consumer demand.

01:01:08 Stick to core competency, expand strategically.

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