E057: Operators in Session with Cherene Aubert
OPERATORSMay 22, 2024x
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E057: Operators in Session with Cherene Aubert

00:00 Introduction

03:41 Chaurene's Career Journey and Leaving Bobby

08:06 Growth and Challenges at ILIA Beauty

14:17 Lessons from Bobby and the Importance of Customer Obsession

22:07 Skills and Insights from the Agency World

27:25 Remote Work and Managing High-Performing Teams

34:22 Generating Sustainable Growth

36:38 Building an Organic Customer Acquisition Baseline

37:38 Alternative Growth Strategies: New Products and Distribution Channels

38:04 Clever Discounting Techniques: Gift with Purchase and Free Customization

39:00 Avoiding Brand Dilution: Thoughtful Discounting and Pricing Strategies

39:29 Hiring the Right Talent and Creating a Holistic Compensation Package

54:46 Focusing on High-Leverage Points for Maximum Growth

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