E011: Going Global: How We're Approaching International Expansion
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E011: Going Global: How We're Approaching International Expansion

00:00 Introduction: Going International 08:16 Memorial Day Sales and Performance 12:24 Successes and Challenges of International Expansion 28:10 Early International Sales and Easy Wins 29:32 Timing and Team Building for International Expansion 31:23 Shipping Challenges and Localization 33:15 Building Dedicated Teams for International Markets 34:41Timing and Localization: Key Factors in International Expansion 38:32 Team Structure and Communication for International Growth 48:04 Translation: Challenges and Considerations for International Markets 55:47 Media Mix: Diversifying Channels for International Reach 57:04 Influencer Partnerships: Expanding Brand Reach in International Markets 01:02:45 Market Nuances and Adaptation: Keys to Success in International Expansion

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